Q: How should a writer be?

A: They should do whatever they want.

The Millions har intervjuet Sheila Heti om boka «How should a person be». Jeg har ikke lest henne ennå, men jeg forstår at jeg må det.

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Her er et lite utdrag av «How should a person be»:

«I know that personality is just an invention of the news media. I know that character exists from the outside alone. I know that inside the body there’s just temperature. So how do you build your soul? At a certain point, I know, you have to forget about your soul and just do the work you’re required to do. To go on and on about your soul is to miss the whole point of life. I could say that with more certainty if I knew the whole point of life. To worry too much about Oscar Wilde and Andy Warhol is just a lot of vanity.»

Her er et lengre utdrag.

(Boken slippes den 19 juni.)


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