Patricia Lookwood om The Rape Joke

Patricia Lookwood forårsaket et oppstyr av Yayha Hassan-dimensjoner i juli, med diktet «The Rape Joke». Noe senere ute, jeg lenket til det i forrige uke.

Nå intervjuer The Rupus henne om hennes nye bok «Balloon Pop Outlaw Black».

Om oppstyret rundt The Rape Joke, sier Lookwood:

«I felt exposed in a really interesting way, not just because of the subject matter, but because poets just aren’t used to attention.

Also, because it was the Internet, I had a better sense of its reach, and who was reading it. People could respond to it instantly on Twitter, and they did. There was a brief period where the words “devastating” and “powerful” were being tweeted at me like a hundred times a day, which was a surreal experience if you’re at all familiar with the typical offerings of my Twitter account.»

Følg henne på Twitter forresten. Hun er bra.

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