Maud Newton om litteraturkritikk og blogging


Et tema som har blitt diskutert igjen og igjen på denne bloggen, og som sannsynligvis ikke vil forsvinne med det første er hvilken rolle bloggere har i de profesjonelle litteraturkritikerenes sfære.

En av USAs mest anerkjente litteraturbloggere Maud Newton svarer på dette spørsmålet i et intervju med nettstedet Full Stop:

Do you place much value on the criticism your work has received? For the past decade we’ve seen a series of cuts to predominant literary magazines and literary supplements, and in response, criticism has moved online. Do you think this move to the non-professional realm has made literary criticism more or less of an isolated cult?

I read criticism of what I write with interest, take what resonates with or is useful to me, and put the rest out of my mind as best I can. Obviously, having blogged for ten years, I think it’s fine for people to put their opinions online. If criticism ever was an isolated or insulated cult, it isn’t now.

Les hele intervjuet her.

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