Lorin Stein om Knausgård: – A work of genius

              Foto: Asbjørn Jensen – Forlaget Oktober

The Paris Review-redaktør Lorin Stein besøkte Oslo forrige helg. Allerede på lørdag får han et nytt møte med Norge, nærmere bestemt Karl Ove Knausgård, som han skal intervjue i en bokhandel i New York.

Det mest interessante er likevel hva han sier om hvordan det var å lese Min Kamp 1:

“Of the first volume of Karl Ove Knausgaard’s long, uneventful bildungsroman, My Struggle, James Wood wrote, ‘Even when I was bored, I was interested.’ Wood is a man who knows how to pay attention to long, boring books, even at times enjoys them, so I began My Struggle with trepidation; it was misplaced. The book kept me up till two almost every morning for a week. All the good things Wood says about the novel seem to me true; but I loved it even when the narrator slipped into clichés, because they made him seem that much more real and singleminded in his storytelling. I don’t read Norwegian, but it’s hard to believe that the translator, Don Bartlett, could have made such vital, humane prose—over such a long stretch—unless he was hewing close to a work of genius.”


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