HTML Giant besøker Oslo

(Foto: Kristine Kleppo)
Litteraturbloggen HTML Giants David Fishkind har vært i Skandinavia. Nærmere bestemt i Oslo og Stockholm. 
I Oslo besøkte han den selvpubliserende poeten Kenneth Pettersen. I Stockholm var det Flamme-poetene Victoria Durnak (Hej Stokholm, Deep shit Arkansas) og Audun Mortensen (Alle forteller meg hvor bra jeg er i tilfelle jeg blir det, Aaliyah) som tok ham imot.

Artikkelen inneholder også et videointervju med Pettersen og en ping pong match mellom Victoria og Audun.

Her er noen høydepunkter:

Upon entering Oslo, the scenery changed dramatically. Cranes hung across the sky, like the entire city was under construction. There were buildings coming up everywhere, skyscrapers looming over the damp clouds and foggy ocean.
Inside, two young women read poetry in Norwegian. Everyone looked in shape and happy and had amazing bone structure, almost exactly the same-looking, dressed for a night in Williamsburg. I went to the bathroom and had another beer as the poetry ended. A band came on. A woman wailed non-word sounds and another violently whaled on a violin, while two men sat at a table messing around with computers and soundboards. Kenneth said his friend was the one in the glasses, but both men were wearing glasses. At one point, his friend took off all his clothes as the vocalist screamed. He fell to the floor and the song stopped. We walked home and watched YouTube videos until Kenneth wanted to sleep. 
I walked to the Operahuset and climbed up some steps to the roof, listening to the Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me soundtrack. I cried a little bit and felt water on my face. I stared at the ocean.  

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