Forfattere på film

Foto: Nicholas Cage i Charlie Kaufmans film «Adaptation» (fra Filmweb).

«In movies, writers are only slightly less morally repugnant than serial killers (unless the writer is a serial killer). According to Hollywood, writers are either parasites (Deconstructing Harry, Barton Fink, Capote, Misery); perverts (The Squid and the Whale, Adaptation, Wonder Boys, American Splendor); addicts (Permanent Midnight, Barfly, Leaving Las Vegas, Sideways), or sociopaths (La Piscine, Deathtrap, The Shining). They have monstrous egos and tiny, wizened hearts. Their moral compasses are permanently cracked; their personal relationships are cynically contrived to produce “experience,” which they feed to the insatiable maw of their craft. They are creatively constipated. They practice poor personal hygiene. They are not lovely to look at. It almost goes without saying that they are almost always male.»

Les hele artikkelen til Jennie Yarbroff på bloggen til The Paris Review.

Jeg liker også den første leserkommentaren:

«As an eternal would-be writer, i’m reading this while only wearing my underwear, amid my cats’ shedded claws on the carpet I bought at Walmart, while hoping to get in the mood to shave for the first time in a week.»

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