a world that might be considered dystopic speculation…

 Via Bookslut på Twitter

Den følgende omtalen gav meg veldig lyst til å lese Zazen av Vanessa Veselka.

Boken kommer ikke før i mai til neste år på et nytt lite forlag som heter Red Lemonade 
(fint navn, ikke sant?).

For at jeg kanskje skal kunne huske dette om sju måneder, og så dere også skal få muligheten til å gjøre det,  poster jeg den her.

Somewhere in Della’s consumptive, industrial wasteland of a city, a bomb goes off. It is not the first, and will not be the last. Reactions to the attacks are polarized. Police activity intensifies.

Della’s revolutionary parents welcome the upheaval but are trapped within their own insular beliefs. Her activist restaurant co-workers, who would rather change their identities than the problematic world around them, resume a shallow rebellion of hair-dye, sex parties, and self-absorption.

Not Della. In search of clarity, and unburdened by ideological posturing, Della calls in bomb threats to various locations throughout her city. She relishes the panic and confusion incited by her fabrications.

But when real explosions suddenly strike her imagined targets, Della is lured into a catastrophic plot from which there may be no return. At once authentic and hallucinatory, fearless and uproariously funny, Zazen portrays a world that might be considered dystopic speculation if it didn’t so sharply mirror our own.

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